The streets of Molise: Campobasso and its murales

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Campobasso hides wonders beneath its surface. Many murales have come to life to give the town a new look. And new meanings come to our mind while visiting its suburbs.

The streets of Campobasso

Besides being known as the largest town in Molise, Campobasso is also famous for its pacifical and quiet life.

Inside its hamlets – from the historical center to the suburbs – you basically can find yourself lost. And, especially the suburbs offer a particular and never tiring point of view.

Many artists got themselves fascinated from the quiet and inspiring streets of Campobasso.

campobasso murales san michele

Picture by Antonella Palladino

One murales, many meanings

Here they have left their own sign to the town by painting on the walls of its buildings. In Fontana Vecchia neighborhood Andrea Ravo Mattoni painted his version of San Michele, a giant representation of the 1663 “San Michele” by Luca Giordano. One can actually not help “falling in love” with this masterpiece! Modern and classical language speak together, to form a work worth admiring and that’s really makes Campobasso worth the visit!

But it’s not the only murales in town. In the same neighborhood Luis Gomez has given another source of pride to Campobasso. It’s his “Corpus Homini”: two giant hands with pierced wrists. They represent sorrow, death and resurrection, in fact they’re Christ’s ones.

corpus homini campobasso murales


And by walking these streets with a mixed of wonder and astonishment, the battle with your sense of logic is definitely lost!

Because you can never imagine that such a (little) and peaceful town can hide such wonders beneath its surface.

No one can say if they’re going to paint other murales on Campobasso’s walls. We can just say that those described here in this article are not the only two. Many other murales are hidden in Campobasso’s walls. And they’re waiting for you to discover them!


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