One Day in Isernia: what to do

Today we’ll bring you to discover and find out what to do in Isernia, Molise…

Il Molise è tra le plaghe più segrete, profonde e meno conosciute del nostro paese.
(Guido Piovene)

Molise is one of the most secret, deepest and least known regions of our country.

(Guido Piovene)

Creepy, yellow, marble stones plow up our childish memories.

Everything started by a flow. A river. Now the sound of a harvest. Nice. Molise is all of these sensations, from the worst, that you may feel in the dark atmosphere of some of those creepy, exactly, alley. You might even find rats there, you know?

Why am I telling you that? Everything has its positives and its negatives, so let’s go further and discover what’s inside those stones, hard stones. Because Molise is hard to be lived in, and we want to show you both sides of the life there.

Anyway, don’t worry then, we will concentrate on the “good” side. 🙂

isernia centro storico - isernia what to see

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Isernia: is it a good place to live?

Isernia, 21409 inhabitants (source: Wikipedia) knew its largest expansion during the ancient Roman period, therefore it’s still known today as the chief town in its district. From ancient times then Isernia was known as one of the main Samnite cities.

Probably at this point you would like us to talk about another history. Exactly.

Now we’re going to talk to you about a very, very ancient story.

Probably you’ve heard about a little tooth. A small, the smallest relic of a child of the whole Italy is conserved and was found here in our town. The smallest relic, a little tooth, in (one of the) smallest regions of Italy. Wow, some of us would say… Yes, it’s an incredible news of 2014.

Isernia concentrates its beauty – from an historical point of view – in its historical center. “Haunted” by hundreds of people especially during summer nights – people who enjoy a pacific yet not-that-much kind of fun – or simply they are Isernia’s citizens.

Since it’s pretty hard to concentrate onto something you don’t want – or need – to see in Isernia, let’s describe a rainy day…

And on a rainy day… what to do?

Well you can go to theater, or you can go shopping. But apart from this, well, I hardly find, during rainy days, something else to do in this town. Perhaps because I’m not an adventurer, so I prefer the calm and peace of the house. By the way you can also go to the cinema! We’ve got a cinema in Isernia, it’s a one hall only, and if you’re lucky, you can find some interesting movie there! Mainly they are cartoon movies, and if ther’s no choice…

One day in Isernia: what to do

Spending the night in the historical center of Isernia, it’s time to wonder which are the next steps. We can either go into the past, visiting the Paleolitical Museum, or into the wild: we could make a walk into the woods and discover the beautiful Mainards landscape. We chase the second one. To do that, we ventured pretty earl in the morning towards a beautiful, little village near Isernia, whose name is Pesche.

The paths of the heart

By walking through the narrow and then, larger mountain trails that you can find there, some steps above Isernia… well, let’s talk about how to get there, first.

isernia landscape

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How to reach the trail

 First of all, take your car and get Pesche, a small village near Isernia. There you need to park in the square, and then walk for a while. In the meantime, you c

annot miss the landscape on your left – they are the Mainards, and the town of Isernia. You have to go through the lanes, and maybe here you should ask someone: “Where are the Three Crosses”?

Go in that direction, and there you will find a small house in which a big big white puppy lives… He’s so good with us, the humans, and there, on the left, you will find the path. Unfortunately I’m not that bold, I’m not that physically strong kind of girl and so… we decided to turn back. What we learned from this experience was that, sometimes on the road you might find some difficulties: your breast doesn’t breath, your head is turning and turning and so maybe the wisest thing to do, is to decline the nature’s invitation, and go back there another time.

Let’s see what happens tomorrow and follow us!

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